Product / Service #1 / $150/$185

Skybunk offers level 1 lodging. This is our basic bunk-bed set-up. While the beds are bunks, . Each room has a TV. Top-Bunk is $150 and Bottom-Bunk is $185

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Product / Service #2 / $280

Skybunk offers level 2 lodging, double or triple occupancy, full bed arrangement. This is a semi-private arrangement, full beds plus TV.  Currently we have available beds.

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Product / Service #3 / $420

Skybunk offers level 3 lodging. Private rooms featuring a twin bed with TV on the wall and a recliner in each room. 

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Skybunk: Our Mission

Skybunk offers crew lodging to all aircrew positions. Ground crew personnel are also invited to discuss lodging options. The location and distance to Bush airport, means you spend less time on the road to and from the airport or surrounding areas in transition. Skybunk will provide bed linens with advanced notice. Laundry detergent is available at no additional cost.


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