Our Approach

You could also call Skybunk your home away from home. The initial feel of a family of working aircrews, all striving to attain a smooth and reliable second home. Just like your work environment, Skybunk needs its lodgers to adhere to a higher standard.

Our Story

Every business has a beginning, Skybunk began with the basic need to provide a great service to aircrews looking for a “crashpad” set-up. The feel at Skybunk is much more than a crashpad, its that of your second home and we create the comforts to remain in that mindset.

Meet the Team “ME”

Hey, I’m Khaled, owner/operator of Skybunk. I too have been in need of satisfactory lodging “my second home” while not flying. I’m available anytime, contact me with any questions regarding Skybunk.

Khaled Alossi

Owner & Operator

I have been in the airlines for nearly 17 years. I also spent time in the Army reserves. Real estate is a passion

The Skybunk Guest


You make up the largest function of Skybunk. Without you being a part of the effort, this isn’t possible!

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