Skybunk prides its self on an atmosphere most “crashpads” dream of. The inner workings are that of a group recognizing their cohorts as a unified team, working together. Few rules or suggestions on how to successfully navigate the house exist. We are all working together for one cause.

What’s the contract term?

Once we exchange money you are guaranteed the lodging on a month to month bases, subject to rate increases and availability.

Does Skybunk Pro rate?

Yes, at a rate of $6 /per day, move in only. NO prorate on moving out.

Do we mandate move out notices?

No. Of course we like ample time to regenerate our revenue. We only ask that you understand, once the monthly withdraw has been made, requesting money’s back is not an option. You MUST tell us prior to the next billing cycle, ie…. 11:59 on the last day of the month.

Skybunk offers the following items and certain expectations:

  • Oven/microwave. Outdoor grill.
  • 3 refrigerators with freezer – 1 standalone floor freezer
  • Dish washer – clothing washer/dryer – detergent is complimentary
  • Coffee maker + (K CUP’s Coffee Maker)
  • A large variety of stocked kitchenware: Blenders, baking racks, large pans, mixing bowls, etc.
  • Driveway and street parking is authorized
  • Pick-up times via house truck are 7am-11pm drop-off times 24-7
  • You are NOT encouraged to bring in any type of “furniture, desk, shelving, side tables, etc….”
  • You are NOT authorized to list this address for any revolving mail, the address is ONLY authorized for direct mailing of packages and single use small parcel mail. This address is not approved for drivers license / DMV / Government issued or Company ID, as a residence.
  • You MUST keep your personal space clean and tidy from food, and waste at all time.
  • ALL basic bedding linens are provided, we do suggest your own pillow.
  • The use of the truck for an additional cost includes the fuel. A liability waiver must be signed prior to obtaining driving privileges.
  • Requesting payment after the 5th is not an option and requesting split payments on the 1/16th is also not an option. You will pay before the 5th or an additional 25 dollars will be added and after the 10th without payment you will be asked to leave the property.
  • If you have training that takes you out of town and you don’t require the bed for the month but would like to retain it for the following month, you will be required to pay $100 for the unused/held bed.
  • Vacation months, regardless of length will be subjected to the full amount of the bed you currently poses. No transportation costs will be billed.
  • Over night guests are never allowed. You are permitted to have guests over. Please limit their time on property to one hour and 10PM.
  • A Credit/Debit Card with billing zip must be supplied to reserve a bed and is used if you do not pay by cash or do not pay by cash on-time, it will be utilized. Please make yourself aware of the billing requirements.