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  • This house maintains quite hours from 10P-7A. Only evening arriving and departing are requested operations to be conducted between these hours
  • TV & Audio music must be kept to a low audible level. This may even mean you must use headphones or ear/air pods while listening to your content.
  • At no time will explicit, X-rated content be made public to broadcast on a Skybunk owned and operated device.
  • All rooms are subject to inspection, at an time Skybunk feels its necessary to conduct such an observation.
  • No photos of the property or information shared directly with guests regarding operations may be shared to non guests.
  • Shuttling to the airport is 24/7, pick times are between 7am-11pm. You must arrange a ride by asking in advance of these times for a bunkmate to pick you up, which is NOT required of them to oblige any individuals request, ie… place a note on the private FB page in advance.

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